Why is this accessory the trend of the season

Hair clip for curly coil and kinky hair


Hair accessories always add a touch of trend and elegance to any look, and one such accessory that is currently at the top of the fashion charts for women is the hair clip. Hair clips have made a comeback in a big way in the fashion world, with a diverse range of styles and designs to choose from to complement any outfit.

The hair clip trend has taken over the fashion spectrum with the latest designs ranging from sleek and minimalist to bold and statement pieces. There are various types of hair clips available in SASSYVANILLE – ranging from barrettes, snap clips, jaw clips, claw clips, and more – that can be styled in a range of different ways.

Barrettes are a popular pick from the hair clip range, with their stylish and glamorous designs that complement any outfit and hairstyle. These clips come in various elegant designs - either adorned with pearls, rhinestones, or intricate shapes - that are perfect for adding some sparkle to your hairstyle.

Snap clips are the perfect option to hold back hair from the face and can be easily styled in different ways due to their lightweight nature. These clips come in a range of vibrant colors and patterns, making them suitable for every occasion and season.

One of the most versatile clips is the jaw clips, which can be used to create effortless up-dos and buns with ease. These clips come in various sizes and shapes, making it easier to grasp larger amounts of hair, and are perfect for an elegant and chic look.

Claw clips are another popular option that comes in different sizes, styles, and shapes, making them suitable for any hair type. These clips are perfect for creating a messy bun or half-up/half-down hairstyles that maintain an effortlessly chic look.

In conclusion, hair clips are a perfect accessory to add a touch of elegance and style to any outfit or hairstyle. With their versatile nature and a range of styles and designs, these clips have proven to be fitting for all occasions, bringing a new level of trend and sophistication to women's hairstyles this season. So, why not try out a few different styles and make hair clips your go-to accessory for the season?

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